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Career Coaching and Outplacement Services


In today’s uncertain economic climate, people are likely to change jobs and even career direction on a frequent basis. The job market has changed radically in recent years and more significant changes are coming, with rapidity. The world also offers wider opportunities that have changed the shape of the job market with increased levels of non-traditional employment models such as part-time working, flexible working, self-employment and free-lancing.


Claritas Business Consulting Limited has established a partnering approach with a few like-minded organisations (UK-wide) operating in this area, to provide a resource that understands the operations and nuances of the job market and optional forms of employment.


Career Coaching

We work with individuals at all levels from shop-floor to Executive.

  • Supporting people as they look to make big decisions about their future.
  • Opening their eyes to the breadth of the world of work.
  • Helping them to understand their own capabilities.
  • Giving them the knowledge and tools to identify the options open to them and effectively market themselves.
  • Working with them to plan and realise their choices.



For an organisation that is making its people redundant, there is a lot at stake.

  • Its relationship as an employer with those who remain in employment.
  • Its reputation as a caring organisatiion, with those who will be leaving.
  • Effectively managing the exit of a number of people.
  • Control of its costs.
  • Its reputation as an employer in the local community.
  • Perhaps its relationship with any trade union.


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An organisation may see its obligations to the people it is moving out as more than just paying any severance entitlement. Perhaps it recognises that it can readily do a great deal more by providing support that is focused on helping those people adapt to their enforced circumstances and to move into the job market with more confidence and ability to find their next role. From simple things like great CV and cover letter writing, interview skills, to carrying out a self-audit to identify what they can realistically do, to gaining valuable insight into the way that the job market works for job searching and new options; we offer a number of outplacement programmes that offer great value and can make a real difference to people faced with such uncertainty in their life.

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